What is a Visual Schedule?

 A visual schedule refers to the use of any type of visual tool (with photos, drawings, words, and even numbers). A schedule can be for an activity, a day or even a month. This schedule will have the steps within a given activity or task.

Is your child working on increasing their independence with self-up skills? Developing these skills is critical and with the help of a visual schedule, your child can develop these skills with built-in support.

I have also used this within a speech session showing the activities that we will be doing within the session. This allows my clients to see what is expected of them during their work time, it also allows the child to know when the end of the session is coming. I usually allow a few minutes at the end of our session for a reward. If you use a reward you can also put that on the visual schedule too.

Visual schedules are a great way to give support, teach routines and increase independence.

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