Special Needs Ebooks and Workbooks 

Starting Point Ebook

Have questions about your child’s Individual Education Program? I know how it feels to get a thirty-page document full of information and acronyms, you look at the report and wonder what do I do with this? How do you know if everything written within the document will actually happen? This is where Starting Point comes into play; it’s precisely that. It’s an ebook that walks you through where to start with your child’s IEP. This book also helps you understand the different emotions that come along with the diagnosis and development of an IEP. Your feelings are normal, and you are not alone. Pick up your copy today and take the next steps in understanding your child’s special education. 

Seven IEP Tips

That Will Change Your Child’s Education 

Have you been looking for ideas and recommendations of how to advocate for your child within the special education system? Is your child currently on an IEP? Do you have stress or anxiety over attending your child’s upcoming IEP? If you answered yes to any of these, this e-book is for you. I walk you through 7 of my most effective IEP tips. These tips have helped countless families advocate for their child and create stronger IEPS.  Advocating for your child does not have to be an ugly experience. Using the tips and the hands-on workbook, I walk you through how to advocate for your child! No more guessing. Get your step by step guide today! LESS stress equals more happiness both at school and at home, and that is a win-win. 

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