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Here are links to some of my favorite resources and tools

Check out this section for resources and tips for you and your child. Have additional questions, concerns or want to book a one on one consultation please fill out the contact me form below.  

  • Special Needs Resources and Advocacy Community. Join the SRA Community 
  • Free IEP Checklist, Visual Schedule, and Tool Kit   Free Resources 
  • IEP Workshop with Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed & Courtney Burnett, SLPA and IEP Coach: Free IEP Workshop
  • Free webinar on how to work on IEP goals over the summer at home in a fun and functional way. The webinar is found on the bottom of this page click here. Put in your info and I’ll send you the webinar and a free communication board to download and use this summer! 

Visual Supports-

 Make your own picture communication cards from home using this cool system –> I love this system so much I am sharing it here with you! I am an affiliate with this company meaning I get credit for sharing this resource if someone buys it.  

Here are some free products I have made just for you! These are done for you products (communication boards, behavior, and visual schedule) –> Freebies 


Arizona State Resources:

Department of Disabilities Services

Raising Special Kids 


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FREE IEP Checklist

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FREE Visual Support Schedule with Picture Cards

Three different visual boards and over 30 picture cards! 

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Free Tool Kit

When I Feel Angry Tool Kit, Get Your Copy Today! 

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