Let me show you how you can advocate for the child you love and use a multisensory approach to communication using both high and low tech solutions with some of my favorite FREE resources you can grab below!


IEP Checklist

Want to go into your next IEP (individual education program) meeting with more confidence? I have created an IEP checklist just for you; this checklist will help you know what to do before, during and after the IEP meeting! If you want more support and guidance from someone who understands the journey you are on, then click the ” I want it button” and I’ll send you a copy of the IEP checklist I have been using for the last nine years. 

FREE Visual Support Schedule

Download your FREE Visual Support Schedule Boards and Symbols. Save yourself time and energy by offering visual supports to help with routines such as going to the bathroom, brushing your teeth and getting dressed in the morning for schools. Behaviors are a form of communication and when you give a child away to communicate the behaviors can decrease.

What’s included? 

There are three different schedule boards, four steps, five steps, and six steps. It also comes with over 30 different picture cue cards. Instructions on how to put it together and use it!

Download this free resource today and see the difference visual supports can make in your home. 


Tool Kit

. When I am Feeling Angry I Can……

Feeling upset is hard enough and then you add in the inability to express how you are feeling verbally, and that can lead to a meltdown. Meltdowns are stressful! Having resources ready to go that can help you teach and guide a child through their emotions is key. 

One of my all-time favorite tools the When I Feel Angry I Can Tool Kit! What comes with your tool kit?

  • When I Feel Angry I Can Poster 
  • Visual support cards,
  • When I am angry I can sentence starter chart

Once you printout the materials, laminate or contact paper them. This will allow you to reuse the items over and over. Are you ready to help the child you love have a strategy for managing their anger?

FREE IEP Checklist

Get your checklist today! 

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FREE Visual Support Schedule with Picture Cards

Three different visual boards and over 30 picture cards! 

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Free Tool Kit

When I Feel Angry Tool Kit, Get Your Copy Today! 

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