Communication Strategies That Work

Communication meltdowns can happen when a child does not have the ability to express themselves verbally. For example, the child is feeling angry but may not be able to express that and even more, frustration can happen when the child does not know what to do or how to deal with their anger.

This is where visual support come into play, visual supports can help a child self regulate their emotions. These types of supports can be used at home, school and with support services like PT, OT, and speech. Give the child access to the visual supports, and teach/model using the supports. When a child is showing signs of getting frustrated or angry you can offer visual support as a reminder of some helpful strategies for working through these emotions. I have seen first hand the benefits of using visual aids both in my own home and with the clients I work with. Giving a child tools to help them work through difficult emotions is empowering. Just like adults, kids want a sense of control.

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