Courtney Burnett

SLPA, Special Needs Advocate, Author and Speaker


I specialize in inclusion solutions, assitive technology using a multisensory approach and creating strength based IEPs.

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Work with Me

IEP Coaching and Consulting

Special education is overwhelming. Your child's unique needs can be met by the school system. Let me help you find out how by

  • IEP review
  • IEP consulting
  • IEP meeting attendance
  • 504 meeting

You do not have to do this alone! Your next step is to click learn more button below and let's get started.

Starting Point

Navigating through your child's diagnosis can feel lonely and overwhelming, but it does not have to be that way! You do not have to do this alone. I have two resources that take you through where to start and what your next steps are. 

  • Starting Point ( ebook)
  • Seven IEP Tips That Will Change Your Child's Education (ebook and step by step workbook to put the IEP tips into action)

Your voice as a parent is needed and valueable. Get your ebooks today and get started in advocating for your child.



Webinars Watch Now

On-demand webinars that are designed for the on the go parent! Watch, learn, and download the pdf hand outs. Get the help you need today! 

  • Assitive Technology and The IEP
  • Taking Care of The Caregiver Why You Matter




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What People Are Saying

“I have had the honor of knowing Courtney, not only as an advocate but also as the parent of one of the students in my classroom. As a parent herself, Courtney was very knowledgeable about her rights as a parent and worked with the school team to ensure that her daughter received the services and care she deserved. From a teacher’s perspective, I need to stress that she worked WITH the school team. We didn’t battle. It wasn’t a fight. We worked together for what was best for her daughter, and I agreed with everything Courtney desired and expected”.


Special Education Teacher

“It is so refreshing to have somebody working with special needs children, that has a special needs child. This makes her more compassionate, caring, and so much more understanding of some of the everyday challenges, we as parent’s face raising these special kids”


Special Needs Parent

“Courtney was absolutely knowledgeable and knew to the tiniest detail what she was talking about! She was very understanding and gave me some incredible advice and even examples of what I need to do and say to help my daughter out! She definitely knows her stuff and made me feel very confident in what we needed to be done!!”


Special Needs Parent


My First IEP Meeting

My First IEP Meeting

I can remember going into my first Individual Education Program (IEP) meeting with a knot in my stomach and feeling completly overwhelmed. I sat through the meeting and tried my best to keep up with everything the team was saying. The goals, the acronyms, and overall...

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Communication Strategies That Work

Communication Strategies That Work

Communication Strategies That Work Communication meltdowns can happen when a child does not have the ability to express themselves verbally. For example, the child is feeling angry but may not be able to express that and even more, frustration can happen when the...

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What is a Visual Schedule?

What is a Visual Schedule?

What is a Visual Schedule?  A visual schedule refers to the use of any type of visual tool (with photos, drawings, words, and even numbers). A schedule can be for an activity, a day or even a month. This schedule will have the steps within a given activity or task. Is...

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